There are many ways to bet on the outcome of a sporting event, but we´re going to concentrate on the two main ones: betting on a team you think will win, or betting against them if you think they´ll lose. Suppose you decide to bet on Team A to win against Team B. You´d put money down on Team A to win and if they do, then your bet pays out at whatever odds they were offering at the time. If they lost, then you would lose your money. But what if you wanted to bet on a draw? Then there´s an option called “Draw No Bet,” which means that if a game ends in a tie then your bet is refunded – but only if this happens before kick-off begins! If any goals are scored after kickoff has started, then your bet is declared void (withdrawal).

Not only does offer a nice sports betting platform, but also a casino room. As the name makes pretty clear, the site mainly focuses on sports betting, which is completely understandable when you look at the company’s background. To be more specific, this is an all-in-one platform with a casino lobby as well. The big question that instantly comes to mind: are there enough opportunities for us to win? That’s why we had our guys take a good look around and tell you all about our experience with This way you can expect to find out above the sports betting opportunities, whether or not the casino is up to par (including attractive promotions by the way), and about those crypto payments – which are definitely worth going over again if you ask me!