Sorare NFT Fantasy Soccer

Sorare is a fantasy football game where you can buy players and field your dream eleven. In Sorare, player cards (or trading cards) can be used to compete in tournaments and traded in a transfer market. Taking the form of non-fungible tokens on Ethereum, they offer provable ownership and scarcity. The Spanish soccer teams that we can find on the platform are Real Madrid CF, Bayern de Munich, Juventus, Barcelona or Manchester City.


Technology, economy and sports continue to make great leaps in the world and many entrepreneurs are trying to do business related to them. One of the companies that has revolutionized the market in these three areas is the French startup Sorare, which is actively growing by leaps and bounds.

Founded in 2018 by Welshmen Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, the company has managed to raise $680 million with this venture, which features two pioneering ideas: buying and selling collectible sticker rings, as well as using them in fantasy games. Soccer allows you to form a team and compete online with others.

Today, the company is valued at $4.3 billion, making it one of the largest fundraisers in the history of French technology.

The game is mainly oriented to sports lovers, specifically soccer. This follows a very intuitive system which to obtain rewards and generate profits, this is.

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Sorare Scoring system

The players you have bought in the market you can put them in your lineup, depending on the score of the 5 players lined up, you can get ETH (the game currency or rewards in the form of cards).

Exchanging players and selling it for a higher price than you bought it. This practice is considered trading.

Affiliate system. The game also rewards you if you invite new players to the platform.

Best time to Sell in Sorare

There are many reasons why you may want to sell cards at the manager sale. Perhaps you are selling to finance the purchase of another card, trying to trade in an unwanted rewards card, or just making a small profit. The hardest part is knowing the best time to sell at Sorare to maximize the sale price, so in my experience, we’ve shared some of our best tips to help you spot when to sell.

Best strategies to sell in Sorare

The strategies to be followed are as follows:

Sea of green

There is nothing better than having a player on your team in top form achieving great scores week after week, leaving his last 5 scores in a sea of green numbers and rival coaches green with envy, which makes your card more marketable.

Sorarare selling tips

Check what the shape is due to, is it a series of easy fittings? Or has the player changed to a better position? Once you have done some research, it is time to judge whether it is a permanent change in shape or an unexpected moment.

Before selling a card with the last 5 lowest scores, it may be worthwhile to check the accessory series your player has – if it has a particularly favorable series, it may be worth waiting a few more sets before offering it to the market.

Sorare FOMO

There is usually a period of time before a new season begins and before the release of the new season’s cards, where cards from previous seasons have slowed or even stalled in the new card market and managers preparing for the new season seem to have a case of FOMO.

Game Week Deadline

Another time to optimize sales is to place them on the market just before game week begins. Coaches putting together their S05 lineups may realize they need an extra man due to injury or simply to strengthen a team – this could be the ideal opportunity to squeeze a little extra cash!

For bonus points, look for smaller game weeks where only a small number of clubs participate. This will increase the chances that players will need to add to the team to complete a lineup.

Weekly specials

Special weekly tournaments come with their own specific rules, which reduces the number of coaches that can compete, leaving coaches with the need to assemble a team that complies with those rules. The prizes in the weekly specials are often very generous and can create a lot of excitement. If you own players who meet the specific weekly special rules, it may be time to cash in.

During a soccer match

The best thing about Sorare is being able to watch your team in action and, at the same time, look for new players to add to your ever-growing gallery. Often we’ll see a shout out for a goal come in and jump on Sorare to check that player’s score and at the same time check the price of the card (come on, we all do it). This might be the time to list. a card you’ve been sitting on for a while, as it will surely have caught the eye of other managers.

It’s also worth noting that not everyone is going to be watching and it’s not just about selling when your player is at his peak, so if you see one of your players stretched in the 60th minute, now you have the inside knowledge. Is he going to be out for weeks? Months? Is it time to sell before the word gets out? All’s fair in love and Sorare?

Try to analyze all possible variables, as it is often very difficult to set a maximum price for a single reason.

How do you make money with Sorare?

Sorare continues to see a steady increase in users, which has led many people who are not currently on the platform to ask how to play the fantasy soccer game and how to make money with it. While “How do you make money with Sorare ?” seems like a simple question, it elicits both an easy answer and a more complicated one.

Two ways to earn money in Sorare :

  1. Finish in a given place in any of Sorare’s biweekly tournaments.
  2. Sell cards you bought or won.

I previously wrote about the basics of Sorare , which I advise reviewing before continuing because it will help explain how you acquire cards initially and use them to earn rewards: additional cards or Ethereum, which is currently the currency of Sorare .

There are two ways to earn ETH from tournaments on Sorare : finishing with more than 205 or 250 points in their Global All-Star Division 4 (ASD4) tournament, or finishing in the top three places in any other contest. Having a team score more than 205 fantasy points in ASD4 pays 0.01 ETH, while scoring more than 250 pays 0.02 ETH, which equates to approximately $32 and $65, respectively (as of August 25, 2021). Because the value of ETH to US dollars changes constantly, the value of those ETH awards in FIAT also changes, but that’s what we’re earning now. For full disclosure: Sorare has announced that it will replace these ETH thresholds with different monetary payouts in the future, but details of those plans have not been released.

A fair amount of Sorare managers only buy enough cards to compete for these ASD4 205/250 ETH thresholds, and the constant monetary payouts make it easier to account for when you (hopefully) become net positive. For example, if you spend $1,000 to build a five-card team for ASD4, you’ll have to get more than 250 points approximately 17 times before you recoup your initial investment (1,000 divided by 60 = 16.67) or 34 times if you only get 205 points. As a reminder, Sorare offers the ASD4 contest twice a week, so, in theory, you could recoup your money in just a few months. Granted, most teams don’t play midweek games, so you’re more likely to only hit 205 or 250 each weekend, which obviously extends the timeline for profitability.

In addition to the ASD4 ETH payouts, Sorare rewards the top three finishers in all of its other tournaments (such as Champion Europe D4, Challenger Europe D3, Champion America D2 and Champion Asia D1) with ETH rewards. For example, Gameweek 196 will pay 0,650 ETH to first place in ASD4 (which equates to approximately $2100), 0,400 ETH ($1300) to second place and 0,250 ETH ($812) to third place. These ETH payouts are in addition to the card rewards earned by many more managers.

Winning cards allow you to do one of two things: keep the card and (usually) play it in future Sorare tournaments or sell the card on the secondary market; the latter option is considered contest winnings to help calculate your overall ROI. Even better, you can accumulate rewards by winning better cards and earn future rewards using cards you didn’t have to acquire through an auction or secondary market.

How to get a Free Card in Sorare

It is true that in some NFT games it is quite difficult to obtain cards due to their high price, but in Sorare there is a way to get a card totally free within the platform itself.

Buy 5 Cards at Auction and get ONE for FREE

Sorare offers a very interesting referral system for new players. If you win 5 auctions, Sorare offers you a free limited card. You can then refer other friends and acquaintances and benefit from the same offer.

So, don’t sign up without using a referral link , it would be a shame to miss out on a free card , especially if it may be worth several hundred dollars (or more?).

So, don’t miss the opportunity to add a free card to your Sorare collection and use a referral/affiliate link to sign up! Don’t miss it when you sign up, it will be too late afterwards unless you re-create an account!

If you would like to register with Sorare and don’t have a link yet, you can use my affiliate link by clicking on the image below.

Players with different positions in Sorare

Sorare managers will have noticed that the score assigned to certain players in their Sorare team is sometimes different from the score indicated in the player’s profile. This is explained by the fact that in case a player has two types of cards available in the game with different roles recorded on them, he will generate different scores depending on the “field position” recorded during the card minting.

Things start to get interesting when you consider that in Sorare the player profile will only show the score of the position in which the player is currently active. This becomes even more significant when you consider that Sorare Data shows a graph of the scores for the position that was active during the corresponding game week. Some may have been midfielders first, then forwards, and that’s even before returning to their original midfield role. The full SO5 history displayed in SorareData will highlight in these cases a combination of the score obtained as a midfielder and as a striker.

It is important to note that where the player is deployed on the field has no bearing on their own metrics, which instead deal with the score assigned to the player based on the position printed on the respective NFT card. This means that there are cards in the game that may score more or less than the figure shown in Sorare, so today we will take a look at those particular hidden talents.

There are several players in the game with cards that have various positions and today, for the purposes of this analysis, we will select five for each group with a selection of different types of players who collect AA points in different ways.

How to Buy an Sell Cards in Sorare

The process of buying and selling cards is the essential part of your Sorare experience. In this guide, I will explain how the whole process works so you can better understand how to do business in the transfer market and make a profit.

If you don’t know anything about Sorare yet, you can find more information in the Sorare tutorial.

Purchase of cards

There are two main ways to acquire players for your collection: primary market in the “new signings” tab and secondary cards in the “transfer market”.

The “New Signings” tab is for newly minted cards issued by Sorare. All of these cards can be purchased through an auction. Simply bid on the card you are willing to buy. Should another manager outbid you, you will have time to place one more bid.

Please note that if someone bids during the last minute of the auction, this last minute will restart again and everyone will have 60 more seconds to place a higher bid.

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How to Make Direct offers in Sorare

There are situations when you want to buy a card from a particular player but none of them are for sale on the secondary market.

In this case, you can make an offer to the card owner. You can do it on the Card page with the help of the “Make an offer” button.

If you want to exchange cards or create a mass exchange with 2, 3 or more different cards, you must use the Direct Offers tool.

In the desktop version, you can find it by clicking on your user name at the top of the screen.

Click on “Create a new offer” on the main page of this tab. First of all, you should choose a user you want to make a deal with. After that, you must enter the amount of Ethereum you are ready to offer for the card(s). This could be 0 if you plan to exchange cards. Finally, you must choose the card(s) you are going to send him and the card(s) he is going to send you. By clicking “Next”, you are sending an offer.

Auction time

During this process, 60 auctions are being conducted instead of 45 in 60 minutes.

Power Hour, which takes place on Sundays, usually ends with Player of the Month cards or single cards from top players.

  • Monday: 21:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • Tuesday: 15:00 – 16:00 UTC
  • Wednesday: 07:00 – 08:00 UTC
  • Thursday: 21:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • Friday: 15:00 – 16:00 UTC
  • Saturdays: 07:00 – 08:00 UTC
  • Sundays: 21:00 – 22:00 UTC

The starting prices for the auction are:

  • 0.01 eth – Rare card
  • 0.1 eth – Super rare card
  • 1 eth – Single Charter

The minimum bid increase is established at 10% of the current price.

Sorare Card sales

In Sorare you can sell your Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards.

If you wish to put your card up for sale, click on it, and below the card image you will find the “Sell my card” button. When you click on it, you will be asked to set a price for the card.

The sale lasts 48 hours. In case there is no buyer, the card remains in your gallery.

If the card is purchased before the SO5 tournament deadline, it is simultaneously removed from any fantasy team you have prepared.

If the card is sold after the deadline, it will have no effect on your SO5 registered equipment.

All transactions in Sorare may take some time to process. So don’t panic if you don’t see Ethereum in your account immediately after the notification about the sold player. Sometimes, the transaction may take a couple of hours.

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