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There are a lot of online poker sites out there, but the problem is not all of these sites are of good quality. When you are looking for an online poker site that is both reliable and trustworthy, there are only two choices. You can play at or Neither one of these sites are very popular, and neither one of them is even wholly trustworthy. Nevertheless, they are the two best options for playing against others in poker rooms that have neither rake nor bets.

CANAjaxPoker is the home of Paul “Jesus” Ferguson. If you know who Paul “Jesus” Ferguson is, you probably also know the guy who won the largest poker tournament in the world recently. Meanwhile, Fulltiltpoker is run by Steve “OMGClayAiken” Hayes. If you know who “OMGClayAiken” Hayes is, you probably also know the fact that he is a high-stakes player who has won millions of dollars. Trying to bring his story down to Texas Hold’em, however, is like trying to find the Holy Grail.

Fulltiltpoker features a number of very good players. Indeed, the software from Fulltilt poker is geared towards the high stakes in tournaments rather than the single table cash games. Good players make the call with very good hands, but not every hand will work for them. Fulltiltpoker takes a very conservative and mathematical approach to poker, and that, combined with the fact that the site is powered by PokerStars, means that they have a very strong financial backing.

With the additional knowledge that most other online poker rooms would like to pamper to their customers, Fulltiltpoker is able to stand against their direct competitors in the high stakes poker market. The unique selling proposition that separates Fulltiltpoker from the crowd is the “Experience” that the site boast about having. This is becoming somewhat of a cliche in the poker world, but it is a unique and, in my opinion, unique way to promote on-line poker.

The sales page for Fulltiltpoker boldly states that their “experts” have been playing poker for over 20 years. While it is true that someone can claim to have been playing for that long, it is also pointless to say that they have played for that long. Rather, it is much better to say that they have been playing poker for a very long time. Experience, in this context, simply means that someone is likely to know what to do when someone else is attempting to make a move. Experience, in this instance, can be more of an argument as to why someone would rather try to make their living playing poker than a simple reality check.

For many people, the fact that they have been playing poker for a long time can serve as some sort of an anchor in their own lives. While it is true that you should be able to find a profession within your field of expertise, it is also true that you might want to check into other areas of life and figure out what is missing in other areas. For example, the fact that you have been playing poker for a long time can make the idea of having to make a switch seem a little bit ridiculous. Even when contemplating a move, it can sometimes be tempting to say “Oh, I’ll just explore the poker room and I’ll see what comes to me.” However, you should be diligent. You should not let a good run rot away without paying a little bit of attention to what is going on.


Many expert poker players claim that what they have learned in poker is not exclusive to one kind of poker game. Indeed, many claim that what they have learned about their particular sound and vision and gesture has been occurring all along. Many of these individuals are, in fact, avid poker players who are also enthusiasts of other games. These individuals will making an observation for the poker sound and good vision and they are likely to be sharing their observations without charging for it. In this way, you too can benefit from the same kind of observing and evaluating.

Patience is a virtue in any kind of poker game. On the other hand, if you are a poker player who is interested in gathering expertise and information about the game, you should definitely perform some investigation in the various poker learning sites that are all around. fabberoo is one of the best known poker education sites on the internet; however, you should be careful in selecting the site to land your information. A simple search will normally uncover plenty of information about several online poker sites. These sites do not guarantee a high level of expertise for anyone who would seek information.