How to Analyze the Poker Tournament Structure

My plan is to compete in Event 7, a $1,500 no limit tournament, at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

What is the plan for this event? I will try to qualify for the event using the means I mentioned in articles such as this one.

This is the plan. analyze the tournament poker structure.  What is the best way to solve the problem of time? Lets take an extreme example.

What if I wanted to win the tournament using the best means possible?

Well, first, I would have to obtain the tournament chip stack, and my aim is to be at the highest chip stack. Then, I would play to win, using all the tournament resources available to me. This might include, among others:

  • lots of freerolls
  • routinely played cash games
  • results of previous tournaments
  • lines of offense or defense
  • entire tournament

How should I obtain the tournament stack?

There are two main options:

1. Find the tournament with the least number of players. My aim is to join a tournament with 8 players or less.

2. Look for the tournament with the maximum number of players. My aim is to join a tournament with 8 or 9 players.

Why 8 players?

If I were to seek a tournament with 9 players, I would need a lot more chips. The aim is to play aggressively and bully my way to the top. And, if I happen to be at the right place at the right time, I will win. It happens to the best of us.

So, I am going to compete at the World Series of Poker with the best means I can. I am going to use my knowledge of the best means to my advantage, enhancing my chances of winning.

For instance, I know the best players are those that win multiple events. They play conservative, but when teams are close to the chip lead, they steal blinds and antes. When players get used to seeing premium hands they are no longer capable of making the correct reads on their opponents as they move from event to event.

I am going to win. I know I will because I am going to study my opponents. I am going to hone my skills. I will load up on free ebooks, headsets, and podcasts. I will listen to other players telling me what is happening in the event I decide to compete.

But, I will do more than just compete. I will load up free roll poker games, and I will coach poker players online. I will give poker tips and progressions to players that I know are on the decline. There is always a lesson to be learned in life. Even in poker.

But, there are also times that you need to be aggressive. Such as during a cash game, when you need chips. At the poker room, when you want chips.

Make no mistake: being aggressive is good. But, being aggressive at the wrong time can be a costly mistake. Such as letting thousands of dollars to be shipped to your house from poker room pocket. Or, being too passive and letting players beat you for cheap.

Being passive at the poker table is easy. You are being a predictable player. Learn to be unpredictable. This way, you will surprise your opponents. They are sure to develop a strategy against you. And, you will be unable to play conservatively at the right time.

For example, play every hand aggressively. At the start, you will always have a lot of weak hands. After a while, you will in fact gain more chips. But, during this construction stage, make sure you are involved in a lot of hands. You want to act last at the right time.

Now, you are ready to play with the big fishes. When you are playing against pros, many will try to push you around with their superior hands. This is their way of acting to send the message that they are best and they are going to win.

No need to take their money away.reraisals can be astounding. When they see that you are making a bid, they push you away as if they are ashamed of having a hand with which they are less skilled than you. Never place a bid when you think you are beaten. Instead, wait patiently until you have a strong hand and then see the river. You must learn that you can only win by waiting for your strong hand.

This game requires patience. So, do not rush into tournaments or ring games unless you have mastered the previous stages. When you reach the last stages of the game, try to play conservatively and obtain as many chips to the flop as possible.

As the game progresses, the game plan will change. Basically, when you have a very strong hand, you will have to protect it and do your bidding.