Playing Poker with Johnny Chan

If you have not heard of poker author, Johnny Chan you may know this name because he has written three successful poker books on the topic and Johnny Chan has also had a long enough reign as the head of Poker USA to have three tournament wins and four money finishes. We will be taking a look at the first book, The Big Blind, which came out in 2000, and a quick look at the contents of that book. There are 33 pages, 8 pictures, and the remainder of the book are a collection of the best poker sequences that can be found in the movies, television, pop culture personalities, and music. Of the 33 pages, the last 8 pages are a mixture of other topics, some of which will be familiar to any poker player. There is not a whole lot of information within The Big Blind, but that is definitely enough to allow you to start playing the game if you are serious about becoming a better poker player.

There are many different levels that you can work through The Big Blind. There is the cash game, where the blinds stay the same, $1/$2. There is also the prone game, where the blinds go up every time. Then there is the super aggressive game, which is the most well known version of the game. Then you have the tournaments, where the blinds go up every time and usually have more than 10 players. There are also a few variations of The Big Blind that have nothing to do with the actual blinds at the poker table. Then you have the sit and go version of the game, where the initial blinds stay the same, but the closer you get to the money the blinds increase.

Essentially, The Big Blind is about playing very superior hands to the other players at the table in a attempt to hold your seat in the game. You are not going to win the game with any hand but you are going to try and have some kind of hand, however, you are not going to win the hand solely based on the strength of your hand. You are going to need some kind of hand to have a reasonable shot at winning the championship.

When you are playing a hand like top pair, you want to be so sure that you are ahead of your opponents that you not lose a lot of money by having a bad hand. Some players can get a little over excited when they are holding a good hand. Not playing to the best of your ability or strategy can cost you a lot of money. Some players go on tilt easily when they are not sure of the next move, and lose a lot of money as a result.

Playing to your own strengths and talents can be a good approach to take in poker, but you can get a little too comfortable in your own hands. If you play each hand differently you could end up losing a lot of money. You have to be patient and have a lot of patience when you are playing poker. If you lose patience, you will probably lose money in poker, in fact, the best players rarely win at poker because they are too risky. The best advice in poker is to choose a game based on two things, either a particular hand you like or a particular player you like or a particular poker tournament you want to try or a particular poker room you want to play in.

You can tell when someone is bluffing just by watching them play. That means when they are betting with hands that have no chance of being successful. Observe when they do this and try to have a different style of playing so at the end of the hand you will have a better hand than your opponent. If you can control yourself and be consistent, you will have a better hand at the end of the hand than the other player, and that is going to win you the game. The thing about poker is that you want to win as much as you can, even if you have to get a little crazy to do so.

Tips for Texas Hold Em – If You Want to Win #1

So the first tip for Texas Hold Em poker is this. Have a game plan. You want to win and you want to win big. You need to go into a game with a strategy. No one plan will ever work. You need to have a few strategies you can call on at any time in a game.

If you are playing with only your luck you are going to lose. If you are playing with only your skills you will win. So having a good grasp of the skills you bring to the table versus the skills of your opponents is very important.

Tips for Texas Hold Em – If You Want to Win #2

Now, for different betting approaches. If you want to win at the river you need to bet aggressively. That’s the time to get tricky. Start betting strongly and watch how your opponents react.