How to Win Over a Decent Poker Player

What if, just beyond hope, you could train a poker player to do just about anything? Forget about beating the house; you can’t limit a powerful player with a mind game of brain and make them sit and fold against you. By training the mind you can train a good poker player to do almost anything.

This is what you need to get yourself doing if you ever want to hang with the poker elite. Once you learn to train your mind you will be a poker player that can read other poker players, understand their game plan and have the courage to play against them. If you are a beginner you need to know that it is okay to call the raise or the bluff even when your on a subtle disadvantage.

First you need to train your attention. concentrate on a single hand or a small part of a hand. Play 4-20 hands at a time. If you are multi-tabling then split your attention between several games.

What you should really be doing is playing every hand in micro-stakes games and mastering the art of starting, continuation and landing hands. As you play with more and more confidence you will notice how the bets come easier and your mind will make more mental calculations easier. You will feel more comfortable in moving up the limits and will be able to make the correct play each time.

Expand your knowledge of the game. You are not going to become Phil Ivey or make it rich overnight. You are just going to rearrange your mental processes so that you are experienced and confident in moving up the levels. Expanding your knowledge of the game does not need to be in a book. Watching television is also a great way to improve because you can watch hands on players and hands on yourself.

You do not need to put money into your poker account to fund your account. You can use poker table credits, not even at full Sensa$. If you think you are going to be losing the game, even if you haven’t yet reached the proper level, then putting in a couple of bucks is not such a bad idea. In time you will remember that money, and not being able to get it out when a chance for a large pot presents itself.

Play your natural game at a level that is comfortable for you. If you are a cash game player, then playing below your buy-in is a wise way to play. If you are a Sit and Go player, you want to be playing at a table where the stakes are comfortable so that you can get to the lucrative stages as quickly as possible.

Do not fret if you have some practice before you begin to play real money games. Play low stakes games until you are comfortable with the process. If not, move to higher stakes games immediately.

Another good tip is to watch other players at the tables you are considering playing at. Look for the players who are playing well and watch their techniques.

Take notes on their style and implementation of different strategies

Then, when you play at their table, apply your observation and play their strategies against them. If you are bothered by some particular players, like a player who just seems to be chatting up everyone, you can’t afford to ignore that particular player. Also, if you notice a particular player who always raises with big hands, you might want to move on by not challenging him if he raises. You can just wait for a big hand.

Don’t play at tables that have less experienced players

Chances are, these players will also try to take your money away with lousy hands. Also, if you are playing with a group of friends, you can’t afford to have a lot of hands in the play-fun. That’s why it is important to play at tables where there is a lot of action. You can join in a couple of games and if everything is going well, you will have a lot of cash on your pockets.

Pay attention to the cards on the table and to other players’ hands

If you are in an early position, you should take more consideration of what other players are doing before you make your decision. It’s very important to pay attention to what others do because you can later predict their next move. If you know a player likes to raise with big hands, you can choose another table where those raises are more uncommon.

Play your personal best. No one is entitled to play every hand.

Especially, if you are playing in a blind-brainer tournament where you have a mandatory raise in every hand, you should be shooting for a high finish. But also, there will be times when you need to play without hands. Nobody is training to be a hangingStat! If you made a big raise with a hand like Ad-Qc and have six players in the hand, there’s no guarantee a raise will take a hand out of the play.