FortuneJack is a  leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino available to players worldwide, has announced the introduction of a new Welcome Package promotion.

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What was once a one-time first deposit bonus of 130% up to 0.5 BTC has now been pushed to a five-deposit package with the potential of up to 9BTC and 250 free spins.

The promotion begins immediately upon the player\\\\\\\'s anonymous registration, where they can opt in for a 130% deposit-match bonus up to 1BTC on top of 250 free spins for their first deposit. To activate the bonus, players click the "Activate" button next to the bonus before making the deposit.

Fortunejack Dice

Fortunejack also offers a nice bitcoin dice game implementation where you can gamble your coins and try to find a winning strategy against 1% edge.

I have been experiencing with the game and it is really exciting. The point is that you can claim some free satoshis when you go broke to try to test your strategy again and again. Lets get lucky!

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Innovative veterans. FortuneJack Casino is one of the very first and oldest Bitcoin casinos, who can now more accurately be described as veterans. A casino that has been established already back in 2014, when cryptos were pretty much new and unheard of, you can tell they had a vision. Or maybe they had spoken to…

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FortuneJack, the casino that has already been established as a pioneer in the crypto gambling world. Fortunejack was established back in 2014, when it all hadn´t even begun. Not only did they have a vision of things to come but they also had that special knowledge, gained through experience and interaction with fortune tellers. Know-how…

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FortuneJack is an online casino, sportsbook and poker room offering instant play casino games to players worldwide. We run on a hybrid provably fair system that allows players to verify the fairness of every game result. FortuneJack is known for their innovative approach to online casinos. While other online casinos out there use classic games…

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FortuneJack and its sister site NitrogenSports are the innovators of crypto casinos and sportsbetting. They were established back in 2014 when cryptos were pretty much unheard of, but now they are veterans. Innovative veterans FortuneJack is a casino that has been around for some time, but has made some fantastic changes to their brand that…

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After successfully running the first real bitcoin casino, FortuneJack decided that their next step should be to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. They decided to jump into a new niche – sportsbetting. In March 2019 they have launched an online sports betting site, offering the same great user experience and provably fair games…

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FortuneJack Casino and Sportsbook is a new take on the traditional cryptocurrency gambling sites. It has a simple, easy to navigate interface which allows users to find what they´re looking for quickly and easily. It currently has two games in live beta – Blackjack and Roulette. Fortune Jack is one of the pioneers of crypto…

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FortuneJack is a luxury casino and sports betting site, who offer a great selection of games that you can play with bitcoin or FortuneJack´s own FJ currency. You can choose to deposit using the two methods that they accept: cryptocurrencies and credit cards. Withdrawals are instant and in some cases may be processed instantly as…

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The first and the best Bitcoin casino, sports betting and fastest growing online gambling site on the web. FortuneJack offers a great combination of provably fair games, frequent bonuses and instant payouts! Mention the word crypto and you might bring to mind security. FortuneJack has you covered there too. The state of the art software…


FortuneJack was the first Bitcoin casino to accept Litecoin, Dogecoin and Reddcoin. They started out in 2014 and have since become one of the leading brands in the crypto casino industry. FortuneJack has its own license, meaning that they can operate legally within the country that they are based in which makes them unique as…

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Enjoy online sports betting and play the biggest casino games of your life! Join FortuneJack by registering with the promo code “FJGAME50” and receive a 200% match bonus on top of your first deposit FortuneJack provides a fresh gaming experience with exciting games and quick withdrawals. With FortuneJack, you can play your favourite desktop games…

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FortuneJack has been around since 2014 when cryptos were practically unheard of. Their business model was innovative, their approach to the market ahead of its time and it´s still going strong today. FortuneJack is a great brand that can be trusted by all crypto enthusiasts. The FortuneJack team have been around for a long time….

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FortuneJack is a cryptocurrency casino and sports betting website that offers its players quality gambling entertainment, featuring special deals and bonuses. Since it has been around for a long time, the site has acquired a lot of experience and managed to create a loyal customer base who keeps coming back for more. FortuneJack is a…

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FortuneJack is a great place to play Bitcoin Casino Games, including all the classics. There´s something for everyone in their online casino and sports betting games. is a leading Bitcoin gambling and sports betting site, offering players access to a range of games including live dealer casino games, progressive jackpots, slots, table games and…

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Introducing FortuneJack, a casino and sports betting site designed for fun and with the best offers in the gambling world. Find new ways to have fun with your bitcoins and receive incredible benefits from our offers. Play at one of the best online casinos around and make your gaming experience even more amazing with FortuneJack!…

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FortuneJack is a licensed and regulated Bitcoin casino, offering a wide range of provably fair games in a secure and reliable environment. From traditional table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat to the top-rated slot machines and video poker games, FortuneJack offers everything that you might need to have fun and win big! FortuneJack offers…

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FortuneJack casino offers its players the best in Cryptocurrency and Sports betting. Whether you want to play Bitcoin slots or sports, FortuneJack has it all, including specialty games like The Wheel of Rizk and Fantasy Sports like daily fantasy basketball. FortuneJack was one of the first Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks online, over 4 years ago…

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FortuneJack is a casino built by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts. We offer our players the best of all worlds, be it sports betting or casino games. FortuneJack offers an intuitive design and easy-to-learn experience, as well as competitive bonuses! The key to our success is an experienced management team who share the same mission…

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This is a crypto casino, which means that you need some cryptocurrencies in order to play here. But don´t get scared yet! FortuneJack also offers you a wide range of other payment options. For example, credit cards! That´s right, credit cards are accepted here. The site also offers you bonuses for signing up and for…

The Secret of Sports Betting at  Fortunejack

A wide range of new betting opportunities from Bridge to Craps and everything in between from betting on NFL, to horse racing, tennis, football, snooker and a million other sports on every corner of the world. The bookmakers industry is not the fastest growing market, but with betting from today\'s advanced computers the quality of the bets being placed has never been better and the markets are extremely saturated.

But this leaves a question, where is the best place to get your bets in? The answer to this question is the simple one, online bookmakers. Getting your bets in cheaply and easily is the aim of every bookmaker. Their betting is in house for free, their staff are paid by the hour not by commission, so they would be out to make money anyway. I have even heard of bookmakers offering loyalty schemes such as a say a say a friend or member got a particular product, if he or she purchased the product the supplier would say thank you very much.

But online betting exchanges are not the only place to place your bets. Betting exchanges have become so big that not only are there more bookmakers than when betting was first possible, but the range of sports that you can bet on has grown beyond imagination.

Why, you ask? Because betting exchanges allow you to bet on emotion. Hence take the recent example of Team A playing Team B in the Champions League. The betting exchange was that Team A would beat Team B and the odds were that they would do so by a margin of two. Well the odds might have been 2.0 (betting on Team A to win) but you know what they said? They said that they were forced to lower the odds?

Well now that Team A have been kicked out of the tournament by precaution, you can bet that Team A will be kicking ass in the Champions League. The bookmakers will do what they always do, lower the odds, because they can make money by far more people than they can lose.

We know this because we have been there, done that, and know that the average punter will bet and then we can follow what they have done and can speculate on what they might do in a given situation. That\'s exactly what we have been doing to guess the score!

To be successful in betting you are going to have to pit your judgment on a piece of information against that of another punter. It doesn\'t take much to see that the average punter is wrong more often than they are right. To read more about a system or fee or open an account with an online betting company, just log onto my website and you will find a fee free aid of over £1,000 to give you a free year of picks, to make your selection forecasted against a selection of brother teams play online.

That\'s over and above the booking system, which has been tested to win on more than 2500 occasions.

Not only that but most of the fee money is returned in the form of picks, so as you can see, it is well worth paying for a handicapper that will give you thegc and the team information to see you guided by a winner.

Now, all you have to do is pay for the picks, place bets on the selections you picked and watch the money grow in your account until you have a nice big payout in your account!

Not only that, you will be playing your best soccer every time you take a break, because that is what the professionals do, we follow the same pattern as they do. Living by fancy, the article in the Wall Street Journal, "The Secret of Sports Betting" by Malcolm Gladwell was published in November, 2004, and since that article, thousands of people have been using his methods in real games.

Not only that, but a small majority of those people make a second income just by playing bets on the matches that they know nothing about. This is an extreme advantage over most other players in the industry.

Therefore if you are looking to make money in the industry, the steps that follow are made for you in the easy baskets.

How to Find an edge on Sportsbetting with Bitcoin

As previously mentioned, the toughest battle in any betting environment will always be between an ordinary "Joe" and an expert "Picker". Choosing the opponent carefully, preferably with multiple playing accounts, the expert can then provide you with the money. However the choice of your own edge is crucial, these days the edges are often given to you for free!

How do I choose an edge for Bitcoin Betting at Fortunejack?

After you have identified what you think is a genuine edge against the opponent, the first task is to assemble the relevant information on the matches. historic data will yield most of the knowledge; recent form is most easily accessible online, but if you wish the edge to be further unfold before an opponent then try to collect numerous data points from the different matches you are in.

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