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Innovative veterans. FortuneJack Casino is one of the very first and oldest Bitcoin casinos, who can now more accurately be described as veterans. A casino that has been established already back in 2014, when cryptos were pretty much new and unheard of, you can tell they had a vision. Or maybe they had spoken to a fortune teller that had told them what was about to happen. Either way, they are way before the time when it comes to crypto casinos

FortuneJack, the one and only casino for all your crypto needs. Founded back in 2014, when cryptocurrencies were practically non-existent. This visionary cryptocurrency casino is the real deal when it comes to your online gaming needs. From slots, to sports betting and racing games – they have it all, we assure you!

FortuneJack is a platform where players can enjoy not just a traditional casino experience, but also plenty of other blockchain games, incorporating Bitcoin and Ethereum features. Its casino platform is powered by Provably Fair technology to ensure transparency and fairness in the game.