Famous Live Blackjack Players

Not denominational, race or gender profiling: Let’s stay away the Thanks-MORE, thanks-andeavorites and the dead beat stories. Let’s stay away the Focus on the game, focus on the facts. But what about the other side of the equation? How do we find the next blackjack professional to emulate? Let’s stay away the celebrities, the mythmakers, the media hype, the game imitate-ishers and the well-known, the unknowns, the overboard gamblers and the card counting respectively.

Let’s stick to the facts. There are computer programs that can be used to improve your ability to play blackjack. There are also books available (online and offline) to help improve your game. On-line blackjack training sites, also known as Blackjack Hall of Fame, illustrate the best possible methods to improve your ability to play blackjack. Card counting is, unfortunately, a strict technique for the game of blackjack and works only if you have access to a counting device. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a device at home and you must be willing to make the effortless effort of bringing a device to the table and using it there.

Internet betting, unlike live gambling, is locality specific. That is, a bettor will have a specific table over which he wants to bet. As the betting inevitably spreads, the casinos will attempt to close the locations of the on-line gambling houses. But, that will only delay the inevitable–the eventuality that the on-line houses will have to advertise far and wide in order to gain access to the “poorhouse.”

Finally, the casino is in business to make money, not to gamble. Perhaps this is the best way to describe an industry which has made vast amounts of money for its owners while creating entire companies dedicated to making money. There are, in fact, dozens of books dedicated to the ways in which casinos (both land-based and on-line) have been profiting from their operations.

The fact that a bookkeeper is in business to make money should tell you everything you need to know about that business. There are very few ways in which a bookkeeper can hope to be successful, in addition to the ones I have mentioned above. Casinos are, obviously, in business to make money, but most of them are not good competitors. Some, of course, are, but they are too small and fear being targeted by greedy, aggressive individuals who want to take even more of their pie.

There are, however, a handful of individuals who are professionally motivated to make a career in gambling. They are, quite literally, “professionals”–they make a good living. The British guy who won $1 million playing blackjack in Las Vegas, for example, or the Irish guy who deposited $1.5 million at an on-shore casino. But, you heard of these stories, they are rare. The odds are great and so are the rewards. Most losers are always losers. They will never learn the nuances of blackjack gaming and they will never achieve the substantial winnings that professional gamblers achieve.

Most professionals try to educate themselves as best they can. They read the literature available on the subject, which is collated and presented online by the many websites devoted to the art of gambling. They will consult other professionals and come to their own conclusion as to the best method of exploring theratios. At the end of the day, the knowledge of the average amateur will always be significantly limited. The rewards are considerable but the risk is61.2%.

Roulette is in business to make money–not to gamble. Unfortunately, the casinos are quite amiable to players who try to take some of the edge off the risk of playing roulette. Just by signing on for the free surrender offers, players cut down their odds against the house by nearly 16%. Not only does this cut down the house advantage by 0.61%, it also takes away the advantage given to the casino by the house’s 5.26% advantage over the player.

Players are increasingly analyzing the interaction of the roulette wheel with the numbers on the inside of the wheel. These players are determined to find a way to beat the house edge and one of the most sophisticated ways appears to be the use of magnetic wheels. Mag wheels are very strong and durable. The results of a spin in a Mag wheel is beyond the capacity of the human mind to grasp in a short period of time. A Mag wheel is more like a really big bingo board–tens and dozens of interrelated numbers.

53. The game of roulette is addictive.