Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots are one of the king games of casino game playing and you can now play it online in many of our partners Bitcoin Slots sites and casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Best Slots

You can play a huge variety of slots games in our featured bitcoin casinos.

Check out your favourite Bitcoin Casino and start winning big with a single lucky spin. At jackpot section you will find lucky winners who won more than one hundred BTC (100 BTC) in one single lucky spin!

Free Bitcoin Slots

Developing an strategy to win at casino slots is not an easy task and it can be very expensive if you start gambling your moneis without having knowledge or strategy to try to beat the bookies at Bitcoin Slots playing.

You will be able to find some free bitcoin slots where you can practice but as far as you are not risking you moneis you will not have the reward and winnings. You will do it just for fun or to enjoy the process of learning or playing bitcoin casino slots.

Another way to practice at free bitcoin slots is to find bitcoin faucets that many casinos offer from time to time and you can start with a few free coins to start gambling and testing the interface.

Bitcoin Slots Faucet

Well, most casinos offer a quick and safe way to deposit and withdrawal funds with criptocurrency but bitcoin slots faucets are the safest way to play slots without risking your wallet balance.

You can find faucets in many online sites to get small amounts of cryptocurrencies and some of our bitcoin casinos like Fortunejack or Stake are offering fauce to get a few satoshis to play bitcoin slots.

Bitcoin Slots Free

You can try to play bitcoin slots for free. But no risk, no reward. You should develop an strategy to become a winner (hopefully not risking your money) and then, once you have selected your slot game, you can try to play with your real money using bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

If you are just lucking for Bitcoin Slots Free to spend some time playing any slot game you can follow this simple 4 steps:

  1. Join Fortunejack.
  2. Go to Live Casino Section.
  3. Select your Bitcoin Slot Machine.
  4. Click on Free Play to play with virtual money.

Bitcoin Slots Online

Playing slot machines online has never been so easy in the confort of your home and with a lot of different games and sites to start playing like real casino or playing rooms.

Some of the most popular slot games at are:

  • Space Spins
  • Norns Fate
  • Wildcraft
  • Watford FD Slot
  • Fruit Zen
  • Double Joker
  • Power of Gods
  • Book of Dead
  • Golden Dream Hawwaian Dream
  • Hugo’s Adventura
  • Rainforest Magic
  • Dragon Whisperer
  • Doom of Egypt
  • Gold Vein

And more than 888 different slot games. Check it out!

You can also enjoy a lot of slot games at Fortunejack one of our biggest casinos where you can find hundreds of different slot games like:

  • Wild Ape
  • Book of Immortals
  • Imperial Wealth
  • Fortune Pig
  • Hot Spin
  • Million Coins Respin
  • Bon Bon 20
  • Caishen’s arrival
  • Freezing Fruits
  • Book of dead
  • Boof of Santa
  • 4 of a King
  • Blast Boom Ban
  • Chimney seep
  • Fairy Tale

So there is an infinite amount of diferent options if you enjoy gambling slots you can do it at home full of recreational games and safe deposit and withdrawal bitcoin options.

Bitcoin Jackpot Slots

All gamblers play to follow a dream. Always a big dream. It is always nice to follow your dreams at casino and one of the ways to win it BIG is by playing Bitcoin Jackpot Slots.

At Bitcoin Jackpot Slots you can win HUGE amounts of cryptocurrency at the lowest cost of a single spin. Check out our jackpot game and get lucky to hit your jackpot ONE TIME and you’ll win it BIG.

Jackpots are massive in Bitcoin Jackpot Slots with amounts like 4, 5, 10, 50 and as high as 100 BTC which is really a live changing jackpot.

Some of the common games for Jackpot Slots are popular names like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker Progressive, Tens or Better, Diamond Wild, Absolut Super Reels, Super Multitimes Progressive, Jackpot Rango, Kobushi, Mona Lisa Jewels, Lucky Leprechaun, Basic Instinct, Super Multitimes Progressive, Platoon Wild Progress, Lucky Lady.

Some of the biggest Bitcoin Jackpots at slots playing where Jackpot Rango (50 BTC with one single spin), Basic Instinct (BTC 100.086 prize) or Lucky Lady with a considerable 15.22 BTC prize for one lucky winner.

By the way, I love playing Lucky Lady.

How to Win Bitcoin at Slots

Do you enjoy the idea of How to Win at Slot Machines? I know I do because it is fun, exciting, and can also be very profitable. Shortly I will teach you everything you need to know about playing for profit and mastering the game.

To appreciate what makes slots so profitable, you need to first appreciate the odds. Now when I say the odds I mean two things: the strength of the machine and the payback percentage. All slots are basically the same in terms of odds, except for the payout percentage which is generally a little higher. Slot machines with the highest payout percentages have the best chances for winning, but even the best payback machines can have a very low payout percentage.

lers with the highest payout rates use digital readouts. These readouts are programmed to pay at the true odds of the machine. So, the slot machine that you sit in, may pay at 1 to 1,000 times your money, or even more. How does that happen? The computer chip inside the slot chip is programmed to pay at true odds, based on a counter. Whenever the true count is above 0, it determines the payout. The casino/poker room is the person that sets the payout percentages.

Many people will try to tell you that a slot machine with a higher payout is better for you, but that is not true. The only exception to this rule is in tournaments, where you want to increase your earnings. So if you are playing a slot machine just because it pays a lot, you are not increasing your odds any. In addition you are not likely to have the higher payout percentages. So you want to stick to playing the most profitable machine!

lers that use digital readouts are set to pay at true odds, not payout percentages. The only exception to this rule is in tournaments, where you want to increase your earnings. So if you are playing a slot machine just because it pays a lot, you are not increasing your odds any. In addition you are not likely to have the higher payout percentages. So you want to stick to playing the most profitable machine!

Also, when you find out the machine that is most profitable for you, you need to stick to that machine. It is kind of like a friendship with someone. If you never play with someone else’s money, you don’t know them any better. But when you play with your own, you have a connection to that person and that can help you at the slot machine.

One important tip for playing slot machines is to know when to change machines, and when to stick to a machine. If you change machines, you will lose your money! Stick to the one that is most profitable for you. If you go to the casino and play several different machines, you will probably lose all your money. So you should only change to a machine when you know the one you are currently playing is going to payout.

Many people ask, “How can I win at slot machines?” The answer to this is simple, but very slow. You have to study the probabilities of the machine you are playing and make sure you know what you are doing. Spotting and hitting the jackpot symbols on the screen is not always the same as winning the game.

How to win at slot machines technique #2 – The Casino must cover every combination on the slot machine

To cover every combination on a slot machine, the casino has to install millions of coin devices. The average number of coins in a machine is between 6 and 10. The interchange from one machine to another is very minimal, so the cost to the casino is reduced greatly.

How to win at slot machines technique #3 – Spot the winners.

If you can spot a winner, like the rare pocket pairs, you can get the out of the casino and! Many players like to stick with their favorite machine and continue to play there. These machines pay off frequently. Stay away from the newbie machines and the penny machines. They seldom pay off. Spot the high paying machines and move on!

How to win at slots – Pool your money

The only way to win at slots is to put money together as a pool and play. For instance, you can pool the $10 you bring and play three spins on a machine together, using the $10 as the bankroll. You must make sure you know how to play the game of slot machines inside and out. Do not deposit all your money in one machine. Only put up to a $100 bucks, but a $1000 if that is all you have to gamble with.

Most casinos offer free drinks, or food Gift Cards for a certain amount of wagers. Bring some or all of it and enjoy!