Bitcoin Roulette

The game of Bitcoin Roulette has been the most popular casino game for decades and centuries and it should not be an exception in the current world of online gaming with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Most Available Bitcoin Online Casinos are offering different implementations of Bitcoin Roulette to their players with an exciting atmosphere very close to what you feel in real life casinos and traditional online playing rooms.

Live Bitcoin Roulette

We have selected a detailed list of Online Bitcoin Casinos that offer an exciting Live Bitcoin Roulette on the huge list of casino games online:

  • Bitcasino is a huge club for Roulette lovers and it offers many saloons and lounges to start playing bitcoin roulette games in seconds. We can find Evolution Live Roulette, European Roulette, Lighting Roulette, Gold Roulette and many exciting Live Bitcoin Roulette implementations.
  • Fortunejack we definitely love this site and gaming services including live bitcoin games like Roulette online. In their Live Casino Section you can access to Live Bitcoin Roulette where you can bet as high as 200 mBTC per spin.
  • Stake is a nice option for online gaming and it offers the option to play with 130 cryptocurrencies including the most popular bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoin cash. You can go to Live Bitcoin Roulette and it is one of the most active bitcoin games available online. Very low house edge around 2%.
  • Cloudbet is our favourite bitcoin gaming site to place sports betting selection but i also offers a huge range of Bitcoin Roulette games such as Lighting Roulette, VIP Roulette, Auto Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette and Lobby and Salon Privé Roulette offering their playing a huge range of Roulette games for entertainment and bitcoin online gambling.

Roulette Free Bitcoin

If you are looking to play the game of Roulette with some free bitcoin you can just register in our recommended online bitcoin gaming sites and most of them are giving free spins or deposit bonuses to start testing different gaming rooms.

You can also get some free satoshis to start playing Roulent and play bitcon roulette online in different website and faucets. But we understand that in the game of Roulette is nice to start gambling in push it to the limit of higher stakes.

If you are willing to test Roulette Free Bitcoin games you can always test Coin Royale website to start spinning for fun and provably fair implementation. You just need to select your numbers and get a free spin but it is always more exciting to do it with different cryptocurrencies available in many other sites including bitcoin, ethereum, cardano and bitcoin cash games.

Bitcoin Crypto Roulette

The original bitcoin crypto roulette games are based in a provably fair game that we are used to see in casino and any other traditional online gaming site. If we are interested to play roulette with bitcoin or cryptocurrencies we just need to buy cryptos, create our wallet and select our favourite live bitcoin casino online.

Most of our online bitcoin casinos accept payments with all popular cryptocurrencies and it is a matter of minutes to charge your balance and start playing bitcoin roulette games. Most popular cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, tether, EOS, Binance coin, stellar lumens, tron, ripple and many others.

Depositing bitcoin in our 4 favourite gaming sites is very easy. We love to play at Cloudbet, Fortunejack, Bitcasino and Stake and deposit and withdrawals are very easy, secure and fast.

Buy your bitcoin or ethereum in any crypto exchange such as CEX, Kraken, Coinbase or Blockchain and deposit to your player wallet linked to your player account. You will be able to start playing Bitcoin Roulette in a matter of seconds securely and safely.

88 Bitcoin Roulette

88 Bitcoin Roulette was one of the first online services for provably gambling and bitcoin roulette giving a thrilling gambling experience to their clients. It was one of the first bitcoin casino to accept bitcoin payments and nowadays this is the basis for online casino gaming worldwide.

Payouts at online bitcoin roulette games are exactly the same for classical casinos worldwide if the ball hits your number it gives a payout 35:1, a split or wager pays out 17:1, 11:1 for a street and a corner (4 numbers) it multiples by eight. It is obvious that there is nothing you can do to alter the outcome of the spin but there are some roulette tips and strategies than can give you an edge to try to beat the bitcoin roulette with crypto profits.

Most bitcoin casinos are an exciting and fun way to play classical casino games with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Security, Provably fair and entertainment are always guaranteed in any of our recommended gambling sites.

Let’s continue our exciting journey into Bitcoin Roulette and do not doubt to share your experience with us via comments or social networks. Let hit the lucky number and start spinning!

An Overview of Roulette Gambling

For those who love the game of roulette, gambling and casinos can beulators as well as for those who want to try, roulette can be an enjoyable experience.  There is nothing quite like the rush of playing roulette in a casino, plus the excitement of winning a huge sum of money.  Roulette is played by either one person or seven people at the same time.  Players can place chips on any of the numbered and colored pockets on the table layout.  When the dealer spins the roulette wheel, the dealer places a marker on the winning number and pays the bets accordingly.
  • Players can bet on specific numbers, they have the option of betting on a range of numbers.  They can also bet on odd and even numbers, red or black numbers, or columns, with numbers inside even can be split to yield more chips.
  • The dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction.  The ball spins around the slanted circular track that runs around the wheel’s circumference.  Once the ball arrives at the end of the circular track, it settles into one of the pockets of the wheel.
  • Players place their bets and the dealer spins the wheel to spin the ball.  Players often see a roulette wheel being worked as the dealer places a marker on the winning number.  At the completion of the spinner the ball is then set free again to move around the wheel and then settle into a pocket.
  • Roulette is played in casinos throughout the world.  Although the game is purely based on chance, many skilled casino players have honed their skills and developed certain betting and statistical methods to aid them in calculating the best time to place their bets.  In roulette, there are no exact or even correct strategies to follow, but certain techniques can be followed in order to increase one’s chances of winning.  Many players who have learnt how to play roulette have spent a lifetime studying and calculating the correct way to bet in order to maximise their winnings and minimise their losses.
To begin with it is important to state that there are no strategies to guarantee a sure win when playing roulette.  However, many players who have spent years and thousands of dollars perfecting the art of roulette do use certain methods and techniques to help them increase their chances of winning.
Two of the main ways to increase chances of winning in roulette are adhering to strict discipline and practicing much patience.  Those who are willing to stick to strict discipline and remain patient will often find that they win more often when playing roulette and lose less often.  Those who are willing to heed advice and develop a betting and statistical system can often find that they win more often and lose less often.
Learn to bet on the outsides of the numbersFlat out when making any decision where your stakes are concerned.  Let your logic premier the decision making process.

Flat out on what you want to win

Join the casino someone who is prepared to put in the time and effort to study and accumulate as much knowledge as possible.  Put in the effort to find an edge in the game and if you are winning, don’t blindly Soldier On in the belief that you will continue to win, instead scale it back and become more patient, only play the part that is fun and rewarding.

Follow the advice given to you

If given the choice, follow the advice and advice of those who have already been through it and have succeeded.  Do not attempting to invent something new, existing systems that have been tried and tested can be an exacting method.

Read books by professionals

As a beginner, books by professionals can help you to understand the theories behind the game much better.   Unfortunately this is a time consuming and expensive hobby, and so many books are still passed around.  Order a copy of the book from the bookstore, or for electronic books, many software and operating systems can now be obtained, which will allow you to stay in the game until you are ready to walk away and let others compete.

Play Bitcon Roulette on the internet

While playing on line roulette games, make sure that you read up on your odds of winning, and also the rules and regulations of the particular casino.  Before you start playing on line roulette, test your understanding of the game against your friends and family.  Most of the people who play on line games are beginners, who are not necessarily looking for a job but more for entertainment and an opportunity to have fun.  If you can do these two things, you will probably increase your odds of winning and making a fortune out of roulette.

Rate the Roulette dealers

More and more people are now playing on line roulette and poker, primarily because of the increased odds of winning and because of the reduced cost.