Bitcoin Poker

Poker Industry growth a lot during last decades and as you may know there are lots of places to play poker online now all over the Internet. On the other hand, bitcoin poker and cryptocurrencies are a nice trend to follow if you understand bitcoin as the future of money.

If you are looking for a place to play poker with your bitcoin balance you are in the right site. We have prepared and tested an extensive list of best bitcoin poker sites for you.

IMPORTANT: We have personally tested all the playing rooms listed here. We have deposited, tested deposit bonuses, played and withdrawal with success in all of them. If we experience any problem on any of those sites, we update this listing with the incidence.

Bitcoin Poker Sites

It can become a tough task to select the best bitcoin poker site that suits your gambling requirements. So we have prepared an extensive Bitcoin Poker Sites List where you can determine which ones gives you the best features to start playing poker with bitcoin online.

Most of those top poker sites are offering nice sign-up bonuses and have very nice deposit and payouts with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Coinpoker is the ideal room to play poker for crypto poker enthusiasts.
  • Betonline maybe the best place to start playing poker online right now.
  • Bitcasino with a wide range of online games included Poker, Omaha and Texas Holdem.
  • Realpoker where you can use your bitcoin to start playing with other registered players while receiving a nice free 0.0015 bitcoin bonus to start playing.
  • Blockchain Poker start playing poker online with bitcoin while receiving 100 satoshis to start playing with no deposit required.
  • FortuneJack one of the largest gaming rooms 100% secure with a HUGE deposit bonus and instant deposit and withdrawals.
  • BitStarz very nice interface to play poker and many other only games.
  • Cloudbet more popular sports betting site that also offers a section of Table games that includes live poker games with Holdem and Omaha.
  • Fair Poker is a 100% fair poker game where you can start playing any game of poker with very low deposit limits.
  • Nitrogen Sports one of the largest sports betting platforms that also offers some bitcoin online poker options.
  • Intertops Poker a nice place to start playing poker online in a matter of seconds.
  • Pokermaster maybe the best option to start playing poker with bitcoin available in Asia.
  • SWC Poker is one of the newest sites to play poker exclusively offering bitcon deposits and withdrawals.

Feel free to join all of this sites and determine which is the one that feeds your gambling needs and requirements to start playing online. Most of them have their own software for desktop (macOS or Windows) or mobile app (Android or iOS) if available.

Live Bitcoin Poker

Many bitcoin sportsbetting sites are also offering live bitcoin poker if you are looking for it to play the game of poker online. In many of those sites you can bet money on sports and also play live poker in a secure and entertaining atmosphere. 

You should also know hat Live Poker Poker is now one of the most fast growing only offer and you will find a large range and variety of games to gamble your bitcoin balance without risk.

Bitcoin Poker Chips

If you are interested to play poker with bitcoin online you should be concerned about the safety of your balance and real money chips. Most of the sites offer Bitcoin and credit card deposits to add it to your balances. Then you can play with balance (real money, USD, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or any other coin.) but you can also play with bitcoin poker chips in order to check the playing software or interface.

Best Bitcoin Poker Site

Thes best bitcoin poker site is always the site that give you security and nice gaming experience at the same time. Do not gamble your money if you are not sure about the site of the software you are using or at least do it are you own risk.

Our favourite Bitcoin Poker Site is Betonline but we love the features that our partner Cloudbet offers to their users combining safety, quick deposits and withdrawals and nice gaming experience and user interface.

Ethereum Poker

Ethereum is maybe the cryptocurrency with more future beside bitcoin. So, if you are into cryptocurrency poker and gaming you should be looking for Ethereum Poker rooms. Most of this Ethereum poker sites are a decentralized poker powered by cryptocurrency and Ethereum and you can find many poker games such Texas Poker Holdem and Omaha Hi/Lo to gamble it with your ethereum balance in your wallet.

One of the most popular Ethereum Poker sites is called CoinPoker where you can make your deposits with bitcoin and Ethereum and CHP tokens as well to play a huge range of the most popular poker games.

Downloading Coinpoker app is really simple and it is available for Windows and MacOS and also for any mobile system such as Android or iPhone. We recommend you to join the gaming room for Desktop, setup your needs to start playing and once you want move up and you enjoy the game you can also try in your mobile no matter the device you have.

Crypto Poker

If you are into traditional poker sites you should be used to play with your local currency such as euro or dollar as the most used balance for poker sites all around the world. But if you are moving into crypto poker world you should be used to see your balance in any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, XRP, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tron, Cardano or any other crypto that comes into your mind. 

Purchasing crypto is an easy process nowadays and it takes a few minutes to buy bitcoin or ethereum with you credit card in any popular exchange platform like CEX, Kraken, Coinbase or Blockchain. Once you have purchased your crypto you should create a wallet in your playing platform and deposit your funds to start playing poker online.

We can conclude that the future of crypto poker is very bright and it is in your hand to start playing online poker with your crypto balance in a few seconds just joining and playing in any of the poker rooms listed here.

Finding the Best Online Poker Sites

So you want to be a big shot, stay cool and win that freeze-out tournament. You have an unbeatable hand: you’ve got the king of spades, the nine of clubs and the three of hearts. You bet $5,000. your opponent calls with the nine of clubs and five of diamonds. Guess what? He’s a glassy-eyed kid with a claim of having had one too many drinks, and he’s going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.

Hold on, hold on, hold on….chances are it’s not going to be that easy, with the kind of booze involved, the kind ofAggression that you’re pushing with your big bets, you’re bound to lose a lot of dough before even getting a look at your hand. That’s just how theACHievementfor some lucky one is over the course ofE-A-utationsof hands. If you’re dealing with AK, and you’re up against that ace, there’s not even nearlyTHELowest Hand, that is one thing that can beat you – butazzle you with bets and beats so Large that even the tiniest Chip perks come off as peanuts to theInsane that you’re dealing with AA, and this despite having twice the chips that you likely do.

Even Sit and Go play has become strictly Online, with sites such as PokerStars offering impossibly good incentives for key players to sign up with them. That’s got to hurt.

So what does all of this mean? Well, that’s a lot – the reasons listed above are all reasons why Poker Sites want you – to be able to do the dishes on your end, be able to earn even more cash by satellites utilising all those disposable incomes, and be able to do so from home, from your work or home for home folks.

Combined with the harassment of Sit and Go players known as “the fish” by sophisticated and relentless computer programs (guided byather aggressive, skill-biased bots) who “help” you with your poker, is another reason why the poker rooms want you – to win, and get away with winning, all the money that Poker Sites make.

If you believe, as I do, that there is noeway you can develop your poker face, then the only way to win consistently is to be able to do the opposite of what the Poker Sites want you to do. If you want to win, you must not be afraid to lose. And the only way to win consistently, over an extended period of time, against degenerate competition, is to be able to be more aggressive than your opponents.

In other words, in developing your poker face, and controlling your aggression, you will gain a psychological edge over other players. You will have a psychological edge over the poker site. You will have a psychological edge over your opponents. If you are willing to do this, poker sites will offer you tips, tricks, techniques and scenarios to explore the effect of online poker on your poker face. They will offer this support, and this intent to help you.

There seems to be a level of intuitiveness required to using an online poker strategy at a poker site. Your poker face is a virtual, conformant to the expectations of the audience, and you must be able to manipulate it to your advantage. Although, Nose job poker players do play some games of poker for money, the thought of having to make a living from something other than poker, quads, or rake never crosses their minds.

Poker Bots

It is a common attack when you play poker online and you are tired, or the cards aren’t coming, you can’t wait to get into the next hand. You can’t wait for a decent hand, you can’t wait for a showdown, you can’t wait for an opponent to fold, you can’t wait for a bluff to work in your favor. It’s tired, and you want something to do. So you click on a random poker site, you give them money, your credit card, and you’re ready to win big.

There are thousands of poker rooms online and the ones who are profitable are the ones who can grab the sign up bonus and the reload bonus. These bonuses are available in the form of points that you earn as you play. With those points and a little luck, you can build up a large bankroll. That’s a lot of money in poker rooms that are stillMaker’s Room or otherwise sensation.

Maker’s Room, or more specifically Andrew Morrison’s poker site MakeMore, is one of the largest online poker rooms that I’ve come across.MakeMore is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and is probably best known for their daily tournaments that start at noon ET/10 AM.

Poker Remedies

Sometimes, we think that we are addicted to poker or are stuck at a dead end when in reality we are in very good hands. We think we would win if only we could get that ace, or take that rival out of the game, but instead of taking a sigh of relief and moving on, we spring into action only to find ourselves losing ever again. Even though we know deep down that our competitive streak will come, does it really want to end?
Whether you’ve been playing long or just getting started, it’s important to remember that poker remedies are there to help you. Indeed, if you can just remember these few tips, you’ll be able to turn on the switch and have the earnings slate to yourself.

Bitcoin Texas Holdem Tips

1. If you opponent folds and you take his stack, you’ve won. It doesn’t matter how much or how often he takes it, you’ve won.
2. Success can mean different things to different people. For myself, I need a great poker calculator and I also need to be quite analytical and observant. You can be great at one or the other, but if you’re going to be successful in the long run, you need to be quite holistic.
3. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward. It’s going to be slow, it’s going to take a little effort, but once you become familiar with how it works, you won’t be able to avoid it. If you need the program, you can download it for free. Remember that you are going to be downloading quite a few of them because you might make underlying payments.
4. Be realistic. You’re not going to hit every time, and you’re going to miss out on a lot of hands. Do not Ocean’s calls or your bluffs, because you are depending on these calls to move you forward. You are not going to win every pot, and you’re going to do a lot of bleeding on a lot of hands.
5. Best of all, keep your composure. Poker can be tough, and you’re going to have your moments where you’re not quite on your A game. If you lose it all, you’ll be broken and you’ll never be able to get it back, that’s for sure.
6. If you can’t get past one opponent, it probably isn’t even your fault. It’s the player’s fault for raising you preflop when he should’ve been playing it tight. It’s also the player’s fault for re-raising you when you flat call. Such transparent disregard for basic poker strategy will get you another headache before you even sit down at the table.
7. Join a poker league. You’ll make a lot of friends, you’ll improve your skills, and you’ll be able to practice with people who are better than you. And if none of this has helped you grow as a player, you can join a poker online league, and never have to worry about practicing with people who are worse than you.
8. Play for free. At least one poker room will be giving free poker no deposit bonuses, enough to start you playing without risking your own cash.
9. Invest in a poker calculator. A poker calculator is a program that sits on your computer and Gathering statistics and information about the players at your table. Some poker calculators have taken it one step further and they have taken a step back to teach you Texas Hold Em Poker. If you are plateaued or lost interest in Texas Hold Em Poker, these programs are well worth the investment.
10. Wait for your results. It might seem like a hassle, but the best players in the world know that the best method to move forward with the game is to take their time. The best sit and go players in the world understand that it isn’t the number of hands that make the most difference, it is making decisions at the appropriate time. Make your decisions, not by following or responding to your opponents’ moves.
It’s sure that you are experiencing more than your share of bad beats these days. That’s expected. You might be having a hard time with a new tournament, a new poker league, or a whole new set of opponents. But, if you’re having a hard time, try playing smarter. Try out new strategies, and if you’re stuck, ask for help. The best method to get help is to ask other players. If you’re really stuck, and you’re really stuck for advice, ask the advice of those players who win at the table for a living.
In life, everyone wants to be helped and helped others. It’s healthy to give a little in every situation. Everyone’s comfortable giving a few tips or tricks to the successful people at the table.